Emergency Response

Your emergency backup power system has to work at optimal performance and be reliable when instantly called into service during an unplanned outage. Are your backup systems ready for 100% reliable performance in an emergency? It will happen.

Your Emergency Lifeline

Emergencies tend to happen at the most inconvenient times and that’s when you need backup the most. We are equipped with a 24/7 response team that┬áprovides fast and effective solutions when it counts. Not only do we get you back online, we work tirelessly to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We identify the problem and provide the solution to minimize the chances of an emergency reoccurring.

Nobody in your company can emphasize the importance of having reliable and steady backup emergency power more than you and your team.

People and critical systems are relying on your planning and your plan for emergency power backup. Does your Plan A work? Do you have a Plan B? Who will you call when Plan B fails?

We will help. Call Patriot Clean Fuel at 704-896-3600. We will give you peace of mind so you know the fuel in your power generation backup will not be part of the problem.