Fuel Testing / ASTM Analysis

Fuel testing determines the course of action for your diesel fuel management plan. A quality and reliable fuel analysis is the most important aspect of a fuel management program.

Independent analysis identifies the quality of your diesel fuel which directly impacts the engine and equipment performance.

With fuel testing, potential deficiencies are uncovered. For example, fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance. Any of these issues can lead to total equipment failure.

Regular fuel samples are collected to assess the state of your diesel fuel. Failure to routinely analyze the chemical make up of your fuel, will lead to a faulty and unstable backup plan.

Engine manufacturers require the use of ASTM D975 standard grade diesefuel.

Engine manufacturers “do not” guarantee fuel quality, nor do fuel dealers guarantee or warranty engines!

Another benefit of routine testing is to confirm you’re using ASTM grade diesel fuel. ASTM grade fuel is not only recommended by engine manufacturers, but also a requirement of safety and storage handling.

ASTM grade fuel leads to a cost-effective approach in equipment maintenance by allowing you to sustain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Engine manufacturer warranties typically cover defects caused by “material and/or workmanship” for a limited amount of time. Fuel is not warranted under any condition unless it is in a quality diesel fuel management program.

We will offer you a complimentary on-site inspection and basic ASTM D975 analysis.

 Call us for peace of mind that your diesel fuel is ASTM D975 standard.

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