Fuel Testing / ASTM Analysis

Fuel testing determines the course of action for your diesel fuel management plan. A quality and reliable fuel analysis is the most important aspect of a fuel management program.


Diesel Fuel Management

Fuel related problems are the primary cause of equipment breakdown. The only way to ensure reliability with any emergency backup system is through preventative maintenance.


Compliancy Audits

Patriot Clean Fuel management services and independent laboratory analysis trends your fuel from delivery to consumption. Our Compliancy Audits help ensure your facilities are 100% compliant with all regulations and performance levels.

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of any emergency or backup power system.

There is no way to predict an outage so the only safe method is prevention. Patriot Clean Fuel proactively optimizes your diesel fuel for maximum performance when it matters most. Profitability is your focus. Security is ours.

Diesel fuel maintenance is the core to your backup generator reliability. We perfected diesel fuel reconditioning and our 10+ years of experience makes us the go-to company to trust.


We have the fuel reconditioning and cleaning solution you need.

Whether you’re experiencing an emergency or you just want to learn more about our diesel fuel services, Patriot Clean Fuel is the company to contact.

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