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Whether you need us for diesel fuel management, audits and compliance, tank services or an emergency, we are the solution you need.

Fuel Testing/

ASTM Analysis

Fuel testing determines the course of action for your diesel fuel management plan. A quality and reliable fuel analysis is the most important aspect of a fuel management program.

Independent analysis identifies the quality of your diesel fuel which directly impacts the engine and equipment performance.

With fuel testing, potential deficiencies are uncovered. For example, fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance. Any of these issues can lead to total equipment failure.

Regular fuel samples are collected to assess the state of your diesel fuel. Failure to routinely analyze the chemical make up of your fuel, will lead to a faulty and unstable backup plan.

Engine manufacturers require the use of ASTM D975 standard grade diesel fuel.

The first step in your fuel management program

Engine manufacturers “do not” guarantee fuel quality, nor do fuel dealers guarantee or warranty engines!

Another benefit of routine testing is to confirm you’re using ASTM grade diesel fuel. ASTM grade fuel is not only recommended by engine manufacturers, but also a requirement of safety and storage handling.

ASTM grade fuel leads to a cost-effective approach in equipment maintenance by allowing you to sustain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Engine manufacturer warranties typically cover defects caused by “material and/or workmanship” for a limited amount of time. Fuel is not warranted under any condition unless it is in a quality diesel fuel management program.

We will offer you a complimentary on-site inspection and basic ASTM D975 analysis.

Fuel Testing/ ASTM Analysis

The only way to ensure reliability with any emergency backup system is through preventative maintenance.

– Carla Sullivan, CEO, Patriot Clean Fuel

Diesel Fuel Management

Routine maintenance on your stored diesel fuel

Fuel related problems are the primary cause of equipment breakdown. The only way to ensure reliability with any emergency backup system is through preventative maintenance.

At Patriot Clean Fuel our only goal is to provide our customers with high quality, reliable and cost effective diesel fuel and diesel fuel related service programs!

10 years of experience has led us to perfect our diesel fuel management program. At Patriot Clean Fuel, we developed a proven and scientific process for filtering and cleaning diesel fuel.

A diesel fuel management program may consist of any or all combinations of the listed items:

  • Certified ASTM Fuel Testing and laboratory analysis to trend fuel

  • Water Elimination and extraction of separated water from the tank bottom

  • Fuel reconditioning and remediation to >0.5 micron level

  • Chemical treatment and stabilization

  • Fuel delivery testing and quarantine chemical treatments

  • Complete preventative maintenance programs designed by Patriot Clean Fuel

  • Diagnostic fuel and fuel system evaluation

  • Chain of custody fuel analysis

Diesel Fuel Management

Over 80% of all generator shutdowns stem from fuel-related problems.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Fuel System

Commissioning & Testing

System startups and routine testing proactively identifies potential issues

Our diesel fuel cleaning solution integrates with your current infrastructure. Inspections will identify and address any potential system deficiencies that could result in impact to the Critical Facility and emergency backup system.

The purpose for fuel system commissioning is to validate the existing conditions, system integrations, perform various systems operations inspections, perform fail-over scenarios in a controlled environment, and complete a system flush to ensure reliable integration in the existing infra-structure.

This process provides an independent inspection and systems testing deliverable of a new system relative to the physical condition of the mechanical and electrical operations. Inspections will identify and address any potential system deficiencies that could result in impact to the Critical Facility and emergency backup system.

Contrary to belief, the best time to implement a fuel management program is during the start-up and commissioning phase of a project. Welding slag, residual pipe tape/dope, water, and construction debris are all forms of contaminants that are typically introduced during the build up phase and if not addressed, will ultimately lead to long term fuel reliability issues.

Completing a thorough commissioning/testing program will improve systems reliability across the board prior to the facility going on-line.

Fuel System Commissioning & Testing

Regular system performance testing is critical to reliable system operations.

Compliancy Audits

Ensuring your fuel system meets the regulatory standards

Patriot Clean Fuel management services and independent laboratory analysis trends your fuel from delivery to consumption. Our Compliancy Audits help ensure your facilities are 100% compliant with all regulations and performance levels.

Our equipment is regularly tested against ASTM specifications for the process of restoring quality to contaminated fuel and fuel systems to an acceptable condition. Patriot Clean Fuel works with a team of engineers from the fueling and filtration industry to constantly monitor fuel product changes and adapt our systems with the newest technology. Extensive internal research is completed routinely to provide best industry practices to our clients.

Our team regularly completes self-education pertaining to industry best practices to give Patriot Clean Fuel professionals the ability to be the true experts in the fuel solutions business. We are educated on all current compliancy requirements and work closely with fire departments, government agencies and diesel fuel experts to maximize our expertise in all areas.

Each diesel fuel professional at Patriot Clean Fuel is highly skilled in all facets of diesel fuel and tank management as well as all other components of your critical infrastructure. Our technicians hold OSHA 10 certification, Confined Space Certification and HAZWOPPER certification.

Compliancy Audits

Patriot Clean Fuel has state of art, custom designed equipment to ensure the highest quality deliverables at the lowest cost.

Emergency Response

We’re available any time. We’re just a call away.

Your emergency backup power system has to work at optimal performance and be reliable when instantly called into service during an unplanned outage. Are your backup systems ready for 100% reliable performance in an emergency? It will happen.

Emergencies tend to happen at the most inconvenient times and that’s when you need backup the most. We are equipped with a 24/7 response team that provides fast and effective solutions when it counts. Not only do we get you back online, we work tirelessly to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We identify the problem and provide the solution to minimize the chances of an emergency reoccurring.

Nobody in your company can emphasize the importance of having reliable and steady backup emergency power more than you and your team.

People and critical systems are relying on your planning and your plan for emergency power backup. Does your Plan A work? Do you have a Plan B? Who will you call when Plan B fails?

We will give you peace of mind so you know the fuel in your power generation backup will not be part of the problem.

Emergency Response

The condition of your tank plays a large role in the quality of your stored diesel fuel.


Don’t get complacent. Be proactive.

Tank Services

A clean environment for your stored diesel fuel

Patriot Clean Fuel perfected diesel fuel maintenance over the past 14 years. We bring diesel fuel filtering and our fuel refining process to your location for 100% on site professional services.

At Patriot Clean Fuel, we are the industry leaders when it comes to handling diesel fuel services. We know what it takes to ensure your diesel fuel is performing at maximum capacity.

It’s important to note that your stored diesel fuel’s performance is impacted by the quality and overall cleanliness of your tank. We offer an array of tank services so your fuel remains unpolluted and consistent.

Our Tank Services Include:

  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Inspection

  • Cleaning

  • Removal

Tank Services

Don’t trust your fuel with just anyone.


We follow compliancy guidelines for fuel handling done right.

Fuel Compliancy

Diesel fuel needs to be handled properly. Patriot Clean Fuel has you covered.

At Patriot Clean Fuel, we are the leader of the diesel fuel industry and we exceed all government regulations. We set the bar high for ourselves, our industry and our clients. At Patriot Clean Fuel, cutting corners is never an option. The industry standards just aren’t enough.

All Patriot Clean Fuel personnel is OSHA 10 certified, Confined Space Certified and HAZWOPPER Certified. We partner with fire departments, government agencies and other diesel fuel experts for our continued education initiatives.

Agency Associations’ Regulations:

  • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • The Joint Commission Accredited Healthcare Organization (JCAHO)

  • American Society for Hospital Engineers (ASHE)

  • Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure Plan (SPCC Compliancy)

A variety of government associations have requirements on how to properly store and handle diesel fuel. It’s imperative to follow these fuel compliancy guidelines and we go to great lengths to keep these regulations intact.

Fuel Compliancy
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