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Four years of research and development, from 2002-2006, led us to develop our custom diesel fuel filtering and reconditioning system. We aggressively tackle and address the root cause of poorly operating or failing diesel fuel for emergency backup power systems: dirty fuel.


Patriot Clean Fuel was started by critical facility professionals with over 30 years of experience managing and maintaining emergency backup power systems and state of the art fuel systems. Yeah, we know. It is impressive.

Headquartered in Mooresville, NC, right outside of Charlotte, and now in Manchester, NH, to cover the Northeast corridor. We provide fuel management services to many clients across the USA all the way to California and Oregon. We support corporate initiatives to standardize fuel management programs on one uniform platform to improve our client’s operations reliability and to ensure long term fuel storage.

We understand the impact of equipment that will not run and realize that diesel fuel management is the key to preventing a catastrophe. Facilities believe that the responsibility for fuel quality is in the hands of the fuel supplier, but studies have concluded that stored diesel fuel starts to break down as early as 30 days after the refining process is complete. Who knows how old your fuel really is?

Stored diesel fuel tends to be the most overlooked and poorly maintained component of any critical system. Our own experiences with clogged filters and a generator that would not run, prompted us to realize that proper diesel fuel maintenance is a critical component of any emergency back up system, just like a generator, UPS or the batteries.

Serving Multiple Industries

Diesel Fuel Management is not only intended for emergency backup power equipment, but any fuel tank that holds stored diesel fuel.  Buses, trucks and heavy equipment are all exposed to similar engine performance issues from poorly maintained stored fuel

Financial Institutions

Call Centers

Government Agencies

Property Management Companies



Municipalities and Emergency Services

Tank Farms

Mission Critical Facilities

Data Centers

Race Teams

Public Utilities



Assisted Living Facilities

Fleet Trucking

Transportation Industry

All Diesel Generators, Land and Marine

Since there is no way to predict an outage caused by bad or inferior quality of diesel fuel, the only safe method is a consistent preventative maintenance program.

– Carla Sullivan, CEO, Patriot Clean Fuel


We will be the difference between an emergency and a disaster

Patriot Clean Fuel’s diesel fuel management program focuses on extending the life of diesel fuel during storage and increasing the reliability of the backup equipment.

As part of a good maintenance program, owners and facility operators are encouraged to adopt a regular schedule of fuel testing and reconditioning to proactively detect problems and correct them before there is impact.

We proudly serve the needs of property management companies, hospitals, data centers, critical facilities, local municipalities, government installations, confidential facilities and many other industries seeking education and quality solutions to their fuel related challenges.

We assist a wide variety of clients with stored diesel fuel searching for a turnkey solution.

Patriot Clean Fuel’s expertise empowers us to accurately identify specific issues, execute appropriate corrective measures, document compliancy improvements, all while reducing costs and improving performance.

Patriot Clean Fuel is a government approved contractor (GSA) and is able to serve any federal agency or government affiliated facility requiring fuel solutions.

Patriot Clean Fuel is an approved SBA Woman Owned Business.

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